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...over 20 years i do snowkiting over all the world. As i recived the virus, i was gone. Snowkiting is such a varied sport, i want to do it all the time. Sadwise i am not a millionair, so i do not have the chance to do snowkiting all the year arround. On the other hand, i get extremly nervous if it starts to snow in the mountains. And every year again i am superexitet on my first snowkite session. If you want to have informations about the sport, your welcome to ask me what ever you want to ask.

alleMannen registring for VAKE

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I am realy glad to tell you, i found a partner for VAKE.NO. Flo Gruber and I will go for it. As Flo is allways arround me in the snowkite Races, i thout it woud be the perfect partner for it. The Teamname is for all the German speaking, as the “Alemannen” where the taff ones in older times. We both speak german and sertainly where taff to. So lets train hard to suceed well on VAKE

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  • Daniel


    Will you use the Peak?


    • admin


      Hello Daniel
      i do not know if i will use the Peak or not; it is extremly light and works very good to climp mountains, as i allready have a idea about the wind in Norway i am still thinking about Speed 4 10 and Speed 4 18 or Peak 9 and Speed 4 18… as i only want 2 Kites to take with me…


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